Arizona State Standards CD
Version 2.70 (February, 2010)

State Standards Workgroup

State Standards Descriptions

SS 1-97
Requirement for Flood Study Technical Documentation

SS 2-96
Delineation of Riverine Floodplains and Floodways in Arizona
     Training Presentation Part 1 [MS Powerpoint(TM) format]
     Training Presentation Part 2 [MS Powerpoint(TM) format]
     Training Presentation Part 3 [MS Powerpoint(TM) format]

SS 3-94
Floodway Modeling Standards for Supercritical flow

SS 4-95
Identification of and Development Within Sheet Flow Areas

SS 5-96
Watercourse System Sediment Balance

SS 6-96
Development of Individual Residential Lots Within Floodprone Areas

SS 7-98
Watercourse Bank Stabilization

SS 8-99
Stormwater Detention / Retention
     Training Presentation [MS Powerpoint(TM) format]

SS 9-02
Floodplain Modeling Standards

SS 10-07 Hydrologic Modeling Standards
    SS 10-07 Appendices
    SS 10-07 Technical Supplement

Training:  Floodplain Issues in Transportation Design
[MS Powerpoint(TM) format]
     I.        Introduction
     II.       Overview of Regulations
     III.      Overview of ADWR / ADEM Roles
     IV.     Overview of State Standards
     V.      Flood Hydrology and Floodplain Hydraulics
              What's Wrong Here Quiz
     VI.     River Engineering and Geomorphology for Transportation Design
              Name That Picture Quiz
     VII.    Effects of Transportation Structures on Fluvial Systems
     VIII.   Overview of Design Guidelines
              Early Morning Headaches
     IX.     Overview of Design Process
     X.      Illustrated Examples

ADWR Design Manual for Engineering Analysis of Fluvial Systems (1985)

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NFIP Regulations:
These regulations are provided for reference only.  Please consult qualified legal counsel for assistance in interpretation, related cases and decisions, etc. which may affect your particular application of these regulations.

Part       Description

    59       General provisions
    60       Criteria for land management and use
    61       Insurance coverage and rates
    62       Sale of insurance and adjustment of claims
    63       Implementation of section 1306(c) of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968
    64       Communities eligible for the sale of insurance
    65       Identification and mapping of special hazard areas
    66       Consultation with local officials
    67       Appeals from proposed flood elevation determinations
    68       Administrative hearing procedures
    69       [Reserved]
    70       Procedure for map correction
    72       Procedures and fees for processing map changes
    73       Implementation of section 1316 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968
    74       [Reserved]
    75       Exemption of State-owned properties under self-insurance plan
    76-77 [Reserved]
    78      Flood mitigation assistance
79      Flood mitigation grants
   80      Property acquisition and relocation for open space

FEMA Technical Bulletins

Guide-01  User's Guide to Technical Bulletins

     1-93  Openings in Foundation Walls

     2-93  Flood Resistant Materials Requirements

     3-93  Non-Residential Floodproofing - Requirements and Certification

     4-93  Elevator Installation

     5-93  Free-of-Obstruction Requirements

     6-93  Below-Grade Parking Requirements

     7-93  Wet Floodproofing Requirements

     8-96  Corrosion Protection for Metal Connectors in Coastal Areas

     9-99  Design and Construction Guidance for Breakaway Walls Below Elevated Buildings in Coastal Areas

     10-01 Ensuring that Structures Built on Fill In or Near Special Flood Hazard Areas Are Reasonable Safe From Flooding

     11-01  Crawlspace Construction for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas

Handbook for Arizona Communities on the NFIP

PDF Format Version of Handbook
MS Word Format Version of the Handbook

Arizona Model Ordinances (MS Word Format ".doc" files)

1st Model Ordinance - Communites doing their own floodplain management, non-Colorado River
2nd Model Ordinance - County-dependent communities, non-Colorado River
3rd Model Ordinance - Communities doing their own floodplain management, Colorado River
4th Model Ordinance - County-depenent communities, Colorado River

Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners

This document defines the technical requirements, product specifications for flood hazard maps and related National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) products, coordination and documentation activities. 

These Guidelines are available for download from FEMA as Word .zip archives and Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  The PDF Versions are presented here.  Word versions are available on this  CD, but not linked to this menu.  Portions of the PDF files may not display correctly with older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. For best results, it is recommended that Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0.5 (or later) be used to view this file. 

These guidelines are being updated.  Please check the FEMA web site for the most current version. 


Acronyms and Abbreviations 

Table of Contents  

Executive Summary  


Volume 1: Flood Studies and Mapping  

Volume 2: Map Revisions and Amendments  

Volume 3: Program Support  


Appendix A: Guidance for Aerial Mapping and Surveying
[includes guidance on LIght Detection and Ranging Systems (LIDAR)]  

Appendix B: Guidance for Converting to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 

Appendix C: Guidance for Riverine Flooding Analyses and Mapping  

Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping - Part 1

Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping - Part 2

Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping - Part 3

Appendix E: Guidance for Shallow Flooding Analyses and Mapping

Appendix F: Guidance for Ice-Jam Analyses and Mapping

Appendix G: Guidance for Alluvial Fan Flooding Analyses and Mapping 

Appendix H: Guidance for Mapping of Areas Protected by Levee Systems  

Appendix I: Project Scoping Toolbox

Appendix J: Format and Specifications for Flood Insurance Study Reports 

Appendix K: Format and Specifications for Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Part 1

Appendix K: Format and Specifications for Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Part 2

Appendix K: Format and Specifications for Flood Insurance Rate Maps - Part 3

Appendix L: Guidance for Preparing Draft Digital Data and DFIRM Database  

Appendix M: Guidance for Preparing and Maintaining Technical and Administrative Support Data

Appendix N: Data Capture Standards - Part 1

Appendix N: Data Capture Standards - Part 2


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