The following table describes all current State Standards:



 Requirement for Flood Study Technical Documentation

  • Sets technical documentation standards for Flood Studies that are to be submitted to ADWR or FEMA.


 Requirement for Floodplain and Floodway Delineation in Riverine Environments

  • Provides methodologies for estimating 100-year peak discharges, delineating 100-year floodplain limits, and determining administrative floodway boundaries for riverine floodplains in Arizona.


 State Standard for Supercritical Flow (Floodway Modeling)

  • Provides guidelines to be used when modeling floodways for supercritical or near-critical flow conditions in Arizona.


 State Standard for Identification of and Development within Sheet Flow Areas

  • Details minimum floodplain management standards for identification of and development within sheet flooding areas in Arizona.


 State Standard for Watercourse System Sediment Balance

  • Provides guidelines for identification of and development within erosion hazard areas, watercourses with a net sediment deficit, and watercourses with a net sediment surplus.  Individual guidelines for:  Lateral Migration Setback Allowance, Channel Degradation Estimation, and River Stability Impacts associated with Sand and Gravel Mining.


 State Standard for Development of Individual Residential Lots within Floodprone Areas

  • Site Plan Checklist, Typical Plan and Cross-Section requirements for individual residential lots within flood prone areas.


 State Standard for Watercourse Bank Stabilization

  • Provides minimum design standards for several bank stabilization techniques.


 State Standard for Stormwater Detention/Retention

  • Provides minimum criteria for sizing Detention and/or Retention facilities.


 State Standard for Floodplain Hydraulic Modeling

  • Provides guidance on mathematical modeling of hydraulic processes in watercourses and floodplains.


 State Standard for Hydrologic Modeling Guidelines

  • Provides guidance on the unique modeling conditions encountered in the state of Arizona.

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