Arizona State Standards CD-ROM
System Configuration Guide:
Version 2.70 (2010)


This CD has been designed to work with Microsoft Windows (TM) and the Microsoft Internet Explorer (TM).
The supplemental software packages are for Microsoft Windows (TM) or MS-DOS (TM) operating systems. 
The free Adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be installed to view the State Standards, available from

This CD is not guaranteed to operate under all versions of Windows or other operating systems or browsers.  The installation of the supplemental hydrology / hydraulics software and the Acrobat Reader (TM) from the CD may not function on some systems. 

The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and the State Standards Workgroup are not liable for any damages resulting from information that is unintentionally inaccurate or untimely.  ADWR and the State Standards Workgroup do not endorse any particular browser software or operating system.  This CD-ROM is designed to take advantage of functions of commonly used operating systems and browser software to provide a convenient means of distributing the State Standards.  The State Standards are also available from ADWR through the Internet or in hardcopy format. 
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